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Lucky Pregnant

June 26, 2016


Being pregnant can come along with a lot of concerns and uncertainties. However,  aside from your many concerns, did you know there are benefits too? Try to focus on those and enjoy them while you can.


Here's a list of a few benefits that I found during my pregnancies that made the journey  merrier! 


1. Now you have a great reason why you should be taking the best care for your body as much as possible and that will have  a direct positive impact on your own health.


2. You get privileged parking space in certain venues and shopping centers. 


3. People will ask you more about your overall health and be willing to help more than usual.


4. If you forget something, the chances of being excused for it will be higher because people tend to be more understanding of the many changes your going through..


5. Suddenly, the world will grow Gentleman like hamsters!  Man will seem to act more gentlemanlike around pregnant women and ask to open the door for you or carry something heavy for you.


6. Take advantage of the more opportunities to choose the restaurant to go out for a date, specially if you're craving something special.


7. People at work will generally demand a little less from you when you're pregnant giving you a break to take things easier and avoid adding stress to you


8. A baby shower is a great way to allow others to pamper you. Even though gifts are usually for the baby and the fact that you're receiving them and the blessings of love around you create pleasurable moments and nurture your soul


9. When you have a problem of any sort people are more willing to help in the service and opportunity for you to strengthen relationships


10. Your chance to have a big belly and look amazing! 

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May 10, 2018

June 26, 2016

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