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Should You Start Working Out During The Holidays?

November 29, 2016



What should you do when you want to start working out but it seems like you have a holiday event almost everyday that it makes you believe it's pointless to start if you're going to break the fitness rules once more..


Can you really start a healthy journey in December?


YES! Why wouldn't you if this is the season when it can either be incredible great or overly chaotic. Don't let anything or anyone steal your peace away. Exercise will give you the extra dose of patience by providing you with feel-good endorphins for the shopping, for the events and all the time needed to make this time of year extra special! Oh, and yes of course... to help you burn the extra calorie intake from all the parties! 


Seriously, you can start anytime. When to start depends on how soon you want to live a better quality of life, by feeling happier, generate energy and become stronger mindfully. If that is truly what you want, then exercise should be part of your everyday life and not a seasonal project. If you don't start now you'll only be postponing and delaying your progress.


Any day you get in a good workout is a successful day in looking after your well-being. Life is all about balance therefore you must work on living balanced days consistently.


Like for anything, if you pushed for 100% of results, you are more than likely to get anywhere between 60 and 80% of results. There are high chances of facing things that aren't always under your control. You can expect to fail by planning ahead or plan to fail. If you push towards giving it 150%, you will likely achieve your ideal 100% of results. In other words, you can try to hit seven days a week of exercise and more than likely get in on average, 4. Life gets in your way, your family needs you full time during the weekend or you'll have to go to the doctor, run an emergency errand, etc. By setting your goals up high, you'll achieve above average results.


Schedule the time to exercise and if you do decide to start working out in December, please let me know, because I want to cheer you on! 


Don't forget! I'm here to  help, so feel free to send me your concerns... What do you need that will give you the little extra push to get you started?



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